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     Worried about your retirement being there for you? Make your own Plan B that will help whether needed or not. The National Association of Retirement Prospectors website has information including useful links to find help for relevant needs, articles, blogs and more at www.uniqueaffiates.co - ( not .com).
     Remember Y2K with its MRE`s? Be ready for any food shortage with your own hoard, er, stockpile long after your pantry and storeshelves are empty!  Intuition Or Into Wishin`? Retirement Requirement - What To Invest In Right Now Besides 75 Watt Bulbs (2013), 50 In `14 - The Coming Weather-Tweaked Crop And Food Shortage. Invest in major living expenses i.e. food, other essentials, getting started with back to basics or "bring your bod up to snuff"! Time flies so start this ASAP before inflation "hypers" and/or income drops or disappears! Read up and rev up your health-is-wealth cycle. Then join the health and entrepreneurial revolution.
     Payroll-less Times Ahead! The Real New Normal? Will the new "temps" get more hours than part-timers on the payroll who long before were downsized from full-time by the "dubya" re-election which saw more money created than ever before?  The economy has gone too far to expect the work force to make withholding payments let alone open escrow accounts. Every job lost to bad economics and/or politics may create reactive work. Out, or in? Will it be a sole proprietorship or entity?
"The more people who own little businesses of their own, the safer our country will be, and better off its cities and towns; for the people who have a stake in their country and their community are its best citizens." John Hancock
     In my latest blog titled "Salt And Prepper?", I show why preppers will lead by majority all new entrepreneurs prospecting for retirement at uniqueaffiliates.co (not .com) as well as adding new income ideas I`ll forward by email that aren`t on the link pages.
     Service sector jobs are a tradeoff. Working our resources creates wealth not trading services where it`s spent. The new retirement means healthier food such as the newly coined superfoods, a fancier way to flip each others burgers in the lifeboat. There are good superfood businesses you can live off of as well as sell when the famine or other shortage hits! You won`t look like you`re hoarding when your clients can order direct from the source and you get credited. Prepper? How about proprietor?
Food shortage to food storage no stockpiling. Storable, portable, non-perishable, nutritional meal replacements/ supplements w/o hoarding!
     Rugged Entrepreneurialism - Find Out If You Have It! We now have on our website the 16 question quiz to see if you`re entrepreneurial so that all you need to send for is our answer list some with added comments as the quiz is somewhat dated. Thanks in advance for participating.
N A R P Rugged entrepreneurialism at www.uniqueaffilia.... The entrepreneurial age internet-work-marketed lifeboat. Got gouged? Been burnt by bad business(es)? Success is your best revenge!  To your total well-being, prepare for the coming food shortage without hoarding and food storage without stockpiling by supplementing or replacing a job with residual income. Join the health and entrepreneurial revolution seeking leaders online and save our American people.
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