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Michael Dukakis, in one of his speeches warned that if someday it should get bad enough we could all be flipping each other`s burgers. He was right and it cost him! Retirement wasn`t meant to be spent reliving our soda fountain college money jobs! But we still need to eat. This supplier www.eattolive.isagenix.com sure beats hoarding/stockpiling as well as flipping each other`s burgers.
Fiscal cliff ready? According to the Mayan calendar we won`t get to the edge, 12-21-12 is its finish line   Are you making the most important New Year`s resolutions of your life?
To your total well-being - join the health & entrepreneurial revolution seeking leaders online and save our American people.
The best; Frank Biddle, http://www.eattolive.isagenix.com/ to your health and wealth.

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