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Friend: Here is your requested survey - a fun questionaire of 16 multiple-choice questions.  Find out if you have rugged entrepreneurialism to enhance your  prospects.  Simply e-mail back your best answers with the question number and the corresponding letter of its answer. Thank you for participating.
                                       Sixteen Questions
 1. What do you know about the health revolution?
    A. More people are taking a pro-active approach of their health.
    B. Medical professionals are raising their fees as oil goes up.
    C. Neither of the above.
 2. What do you know about alternative medicine?
    A. Must be something for the uninsured.
    B. Health care without drugs or surgery.
    C. Both A and B.
 3. What about nutritional preventive maintenance?
    A. Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food.
    B. I just take a multi-vitamin.
    C. Both A and B.
 4. How about highly assimilable nutrients?
    A. You are what you assimilate.
    B. You are what you eat.
    C. Both A and B.
    D. None of the above.
 5. Want the most nutrition for your food dollar?
    A. Yes, it takes more of anything to supply what it did years ago.
    B. I already gave up preposterously overpriced snacks.
    C. I just take a multi-vitamin.
 6. What do you know about the PH level?
    A. It`s a step higher than a pinch runner.
    B. I used Phisohex in my teens.
    C. It`s a measure of acidity/alkalinity.
 7. And about toxin cleansing and weight loss by-product?
    A. To get more out of nutrition.
    B. Toxins are stored in fat or organs.
    C. The more weight you have to lose - the more toxins you have.
    D. A and B above.
 8. Do you believe in eat to live - not live to eat?
    A. I`m trying to diet, but I`m dying to try it!
    B. Some foods make you hungrier.
    C. The more food is processed the more junky it gets.
    D. B and C above.
 9. Do you believe that your health is your wealth?
    A. We spend our health creating wealth only to spend our wealth to buy            back our health.
    B. They are invariably tied together.
    C . The wealthier you are, the healthier you need to be to manage it.
    D. All of the above.
10. Do you have long term care insurance or other asset protection
     A. I can always mortgage my house.
     B. My company benefits will take care of me.
     C. My kids will take care of me.
     D. None of the above.
11. How about jobsy-curity?
     A. I work for the government.
     B. No, not if my job can be done abroad.
     C. The only safe jobs are "hands-on" services as anything else can be    
     D. Mike Dukakis was right - someday we could be flipping each others
     E. All of the above.
12. Do you have multiple streams of income?
     A. Yes, I have 2 jobs.
     B. I work seasonal jobs year `round - variety is the spice of life.
     C. I own 5 rental homes.
     D. I own a business and a stock portfolio.
     E. C and D above.
13. What do you know about the entrepreneurial revolution?
     A. More people are taking a pro-active approach of their livelihood.
     B. Businesses are raising prices as oil goes up.
     C. Neither of the above.
14. Want a share of the health and wellness industry pie?
     A. Apple, cherry, peach, or berry?
     B. Yes - the baby boomers will roll it out ( pun intended ).
     C. Neither of the above.
15. Do you have a residual income?
     A. I have renters residing with me.
     B. I see the urgency to surround myself with a network of affiliates.
     C. I get royalties for my book(s)/music/etc..
     D. No, not yet.
16. Do you have a home based business?
     A. I tele-commute and do most of my work from home.
     B. We have and attend yard/garage sales..
     C. I have a 10 second walk from the bed to the office and am free to
         spend a week in the Bahamas or a week in the pajamas!
     D. No, not yet.
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