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                                   The Worst Bankruptcy
Everyone has heard of bankruptcy and practically everybody has heard of
being nutritionally bankrupt.  They are very much interdependently linked.
You can`t build wealth when you`re undernourished as sure as you can`t build health when you`re underfunded.  Our website lists network and affi liate marketing sites in addition to other "FYI good-to-know" sites.  One of the sites offered affiliate income and said they may again!  Who knows?
Another did, then stopped and has done all else to enhance the site with no affiliation but has superfoods, the new nutrition superceding super pills,
with big discounts for bulk orders.  You might want to buy and try one to
first see if you`d buy in bulk.  For those who can, the savings, especially
in hyperinflation is as good as profit!  Otherwise, network and affiliate is   
the way to go.  After multi-tasking multi-nutrient superfoods, which every body uses as key, is well-targeted for specific needs items.  For in-depth, read my blog:  Health And Nutrition > To Your Health And Wealth For The Coming Meltdown > FYI - For Your Inflamation - Health & Wealth.
This is what NARP is all about.  The various levels of the middle class are pretty much at their level of the health is wealth cycle.  We see how our retirement plans are in danger, yet it`s better to have a backup one and not need it than to need one and not have it, multiple streams of income!
We`re being forced into self-reliance, a nation of small business owners/
operators and retirement prospectors.  When we speak of the new retire-
ment, back to the agricultural age it means healthier more nutritional food
such as the newly coined superfoods as a way to keep up with inflation.
What this means to retirement prospectors is a fancier way to "flip each others` burgers" in the entrepreneurial age nutritional food supplement in-ternet-work-marketed lifeboat. 
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