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Faster than a feeding pullet - More popular than a local motive - Able to heap tall helpings in a single round - Look, up on the skyshelves! - It`s overt! - It`s so plain! - It`s superfood!
     We hear so much these days about superfoods anywhere from super-markets to infomercials of the blender/mixers having partially re-named brands, two looking much like the ones I bought years ago.  I guess these are phase II, upgraded as "extractors" of all the nutrients making up su-perfoods.  As improved as they may be there`s always that rant that U.S. soil depletion over time has provided just a fraction of the nutrients in a food that it once did.  Makes one wonder if that adage could be connected with the new topic of corporate farms!  Then you have the supermarkets getting into the act, over-hyping superfoods.  Of course you can search the internet and be flooded with sources of superfoods.  Then there`s the old standby referred to as junk mail yet many good catalogs of supernutrient products come from mail order.  Speaking of our breadbasket`s soil there is a new "sheriff" in the western hemisphere!  You probably heard of two or more features about Brazil being the next agricultural market to the world.  Its Amazon River basin extends into surrounding countries which of course contribute their sources.
     Our website offers links to categories including health & nutrition.  We add sites when we get them from most media.  Let us know if you have one to add!  The worst bankruptcy is nutritional bankruptcy no matter what your net worth!  Think of the years of soil-depleted produce Americans consumed however careful they ate.  While wise eaters are much better off than the eat and run crowd, the deficit nutritionally not being as bad, everyone has catching up to do, no matter the fast aging or any other deficiency. 
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