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Retirement Requirement

       The late great Paul Harvey back in the recession of the `70s took to the radio airwaves the economic plight of the world`s beacon of light - the good ol` US of A!  He basically expounded on how we came to the aid monetarily around the countries of the world in dire need only to now ask who`ll come to ours!  Some took that as invitation to come to our country either to share in any aid we get or for asylum if not a foot-in-the-door "job that only they are willing to do"!  This was an era where we lost many of Americas finest - not just in the Vietnam war but numberwise more so on the homefront - to abortion.  Who knows how different it could be were it not for that demographic overhaul?  The hodge-podge nation we`ve become is beyond control of the wealthy who have established, at minimum, dual citizenship thereby keeping their weak foot ashore, with what little they can afford to lose while taking the rest with them offshore. The bottom line for the rest of us: the constant concern of economic duress - inflating money, the fiscal cliff, etc., turning people to the opposite for relief - the "bread and circus" escape from reality.  Because of this duress, at most, we tend to just catch a rundown daily of "the news" and then return to the "see-saw"!
The Patsy
       Warren Buffett passed along a quote, more or less, that the one joining a poker game who tries to figure out who the "patsy" in the game is and doesn`t know after a short time, is the patsy!  The moral majority, the working class, taxpaying, contributors to the system, having been fleeced by inflation thereby adding to those less fortunate, is the patsy.  It was always the other guy.  When the majority became closer to "largest minority" more and more pre baby boomers, before the Social Security system modified the plan, started collecting what they paid into it.  With the economy nearing hyperinflation and the first of the baby boomers starting to retire, more and more who are eligible for minimum amounts aren`t waiting until reaching the eligible age to fully retire.  Those who otherwise wouldn`t touch it, whether downsized, only have one job/ source of income, or fear that it won`t be there when closer to full rate, are being forced into early Social Security - a much faster "jumped ship".  At best, this is a net zero sum game.
   Titanic America
       Speaking of jumped ship, the story of how a God-fearing passenger overheard another describe, while dockside, how indestructible the newly built ship - the Titanic is, that even God couldn`t sink it; jumped ship before takeoff avoiding its sinking!  If a rising tide floats all ships how is it so many are underwater?  There must be a strong undercurrent if not underwater quicksand pulling titanic America down!  Speaking of God-fearing, recently pastor John MacArthur was the guest on another pastor`s radio program on inauguration day around the time of the anniversary of the march on Washington re: Roe v. Wade.  Can you see the difference between short term and long term timing of judgement?  God has been very patient with America but part of the economic duress, being by fiscal policy which is also moral in nature, says time is running out for not much longer.  When Mitt Romney ran on fiscal vigilance most voters chose more government freebies.  While fiscal policy is a moral issue it doesn`t address deeper problems.  Most voters ignore God`s laws, by embracing abortion, for example, and for God to not bring judgement by ending our wealth!   The next iceberg, food shortage or famine?
Cascaded Workforce
       There are as many, perhaps, levels of financial circumstance as there are people in the workforce.  So much has changed in the economy that over time one gets deeper in the hole.  What to do?  Some ideas are, especially if you can`t get a second job, start a business.  The entrepreneurial revolution is beginning/ reviving.  Find a need and fill it (FANAFI).  The best need to fill in anticipation of what`s coming is to start like yesterday to help others prepare for food shortage and buy as much storable food as you can.  Everybody has to eat and earn! It sure beats flipping each other`s burgers!  If you have a skill, that`s another stream of income.  If you`re creative you can name your ticket.  It doesn`t hurt to pursue multiple streams of income. When prospecting customers, get their take on latest economic news.  Ask how they`re getting ready for hyperinflation! Be pro-active, prospect associates
Vocation! Vocation! Vocation!
        Anybody who still has a full time job is associate material.  If not, then moonlighting part-timers even more so.  The better the vocation the better the trade-ups.  Location!  Location!  Location!  The real estate rebel cry!  This time you`re not looking for real estate to invest in, rather for investors.  Otherwise you wouldn`t have read this far.  You don`t have to go far however because you`re not looking up locations, just potential buyers demographically!  Profiling!  Not until you talk with them: prospecting!  Get their take on the latest economic news.  Ask how they`re getting ready for hyperinflation.  Prospect associates.  Be pro-active If they`re not in need of multiple streams of income then make a sale! Rugged entrepreneurialism.  I see a lot of it here in the wealthiest suburb of D.C.  Oriental ladies with a visa, with young American men - many somewhat geeky looking, out on the town.  I figure that they must be Chinese ladies and that China has sent their wealthiest daughters, on a visa, with a Mastercard, to snap up the finest real estate for sale.  At least they operate within the law.  While you may not be near prime real estate you should talk with them.  Ask how they`re getting ready for hyperinflation!  Prospect associates.  You never know when someday they`ll own us.  When I heard a popular pastor over the radio quote from Deuteronomy 28: 43-44 " Foreigners who live in your land will gain more and more power, while you gradually lose yours, they will have money to lend you, but you will have none to lend them.  In the end they will be your rulers.", he added that tidbit to a sermon on prophecy as a forerunner of end times.  It`s here!  It`s dog-eat-dog time!
Too big To Fail
        The largest banks have that designation but as history has shown, every country regardless of banks, failed due to inflated currency bringing depression, disorder, et al.  In anticipation of this, government looks at "worst case scenarios" and plans accordingly.  To combat the coming food shortage crisis the institution of "gathering nuts for the winter", hoarding, is poo-pooed as "an illness" or disease!  While the talking heads make mention or not, the media shows programs of worst case scenarios of hoarders - stemming from storage auction shows.  Hoarding, or stockpiling which doesn`t sound as bad, is a government-wanted no-no!  In a mass punishment system only wealth buys freely!  This is how a need is created. Before scarcity hits like a storm unforeseen, hoarding has a bad name. ( So start a food business and call it inventory. )
Create A Need
        TV ads almost always start with it, as does other business promotion, so does an agenda!  Said scarcity/ shortages ensure civil unrest.  Decades of expansion after WWII brought with it create a need potential!  911 created a need for the big basket of homeland security agencies going way overboard what with mass punishment systems in the "war on terror"! Real need, or contrivance?  The more sensationalism is involved, the more media coverage occurs.  Gun control is the biggest example.  There`ll be enough real need as jobs are lost when fewer people are left still saying it won`t happen to them as those getting closer to that will only have MLM & barter left.  So much for smoke & mirrors.  Don`t wait until it happens to you to get in!  Build your network now!  The Lord Jesus said "Any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last very long. And any town or family that divides itself into groups which fight each other will fall apart.  So if one group is fighting another in Satan`s kingdom, this means that it is already divided into groups and will soon fall apart!" Instead, let us network our organizations.  As Ben Franklin said "If we don`t hang together we surely will hang separately!                 

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