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Only A Few Weeks Left To Get Our Health And Wealth Issues In Order!

The U.S. House Of Representatives bill "H.R. 2847" which takes place on 7-1-14 is said to usher in collapsing the almighty buck - the U.S. dollar.  This is where the "proverbial" hits the fan!  For months now, article after article and blog after blog have filled our website www.uniqueaffiliates.co with warnings to diversify your income and fortify your health.  For many that will be a super-food business.  Yes, there`ll be entrepreneurs still making money at what they did, tweaking as needed.  New ones will be creative finding their niche!  For wholesalers buying in bulk for example, dealers usually add free container(s) of product as their bonus.  The buyer averages a case`s cost including bonus quantities to set a price for profit within range.  All along, the lower middle class has cascaded ever so slowly that nobody cared or noticed!  Shrugged off as isolated cases, happening to the other guy, each day is business as usual!  The "It can`t happen to me" attitude is referred to as "normalcy bias".  To quote Porter Stansberry, "The thing to remember about a currency collapse is that it happens gradually,  gradually, gradually and then very suddenly."!  Be ready.                     
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