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     Welcome to the Unique Affiliates website seeking leaders online in association with the Free Citizen Newsblog and the National Association of Retirement Prospectors.  You`ve heard of rugged individualism.  Self-reliance is making a comeback for survival`s sake!  That means make your second income a business, preferably a repeat business of self-usage consumables, namely food.  This will take rugged entrepreneurialism but with hyperinflation and food shortages around the corner there`s no time to lose.  Fiscal cliff ready? According to the Mayan calendar we won`t get to the edge, 12-21-12 is its finish line!   Are you making the best, most important New Year`s resolutions of your life?  Ever been burnt By bad business?  Got gouged?  Get even!  Success is the sweetest revenge. 
     Cut your food budget and put inflation on your side - save, make it pay for itself, or make it a business, with the most highly assimilable nutrients for your food dollar!  Americans are finding themselves ever more so part-time wage earners having hours cut to the bone as a downsizing company`s way to turn their help into 3rd world wagers.  They`re most likely the reason the 30 hour/week for 30 or more full-time workers, establishing the new standard replacing the 40 hour work week, was created. Downsizing the workforce to accomodate more new workers under the threat of penalizing companies to pay premiums, to use basketball jargon, our basketball-loving president used the back door to reduce unemployment figures!  This is bad for health and wealth.
     If you check out the blog at www.freecitizennews.blogspot.com you`ll find most of the blogs are found on http://facebook.com/frank.biddle.96.  There are several pages sharing some of the same blogs as well as blogs pertinent to their theme. 
     Get the latest news in the health revolution - be fit.  Ask for the 16 question quiz and join the health & entrepreneurial revolution seeking leaders online and save our American people.  Sure beats flipping each other`s burgers!  To your total well-being, prepare for the coming food shortage without hoarding and food storage without stockpiling, by supplementing or replacing a job with residual income.
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